Your Solution to the Accountants Exemption

On July 1, 2016 accountants must have arrangements in place for providing SMSF advice.

Option #1 - Become a SMSF Expert

You be the expert!

When you become an expert

  • Once you are authorised, you are able to advise clients on establishing a SMSF and you can also provide advice for rolling over existing superannuation. It’s important to note that under the Accountants’ Exemption, you cannot advise on existing superannuation arrangements.
  • You can also advise clients on pensions (even those without SMSF). For example: an ‘I return client’ is about to turn 60 and you want to advise them to commence a TRIS)
  • You will also be able to sign off bank certificates for LRBAs.

How you become the SMSF Expert

You will need:

  • Recognised accounting qualifications
  • Membership with IPA, CPA or CA
  • RG146 qualification

You do not need to complete a Diploma of Financial Planning.
If you have recently achieved your RG 146, please contact us.
If you need to complete your RG146 qualification there are many training options available.
However, it is important that the course you choose is conducted by a recognised training provider that meets The SMSF Expert standards. Our suggested training pathway is via Kaplan’s SMSF Accountants Package. This is a single unit course that costs $585 for CA & CPA members and $685 for IPA members. (Cheaper through us).

Other courses that are available that we will accept are:

There are various levels of education available for you. This will determine the type of advice you are permitted to give. Generic level training with SMSF specialist training added on, will allow you to advise clients on matters including how to establish a new SMSF and roll over existing superannuation funds into their SMSF. You may also advise on basic deposit products. Generic level training will not allow you to give class of product advice on any products such as securities, simple managed investment schemes, risk life insurance products and general insurance products. If your intention is to limit your advice to the establishment and management of SMSFs then this first level of training is all that is necessary.

Under a limited licence we cannot give specific product advice on any products other than SMSF and for a client’s existing superannuation. We cannot give class of product advice on products such as derivatives, complex managed investments (that take longer than 12 months to redeem). To give class of product advice on these matters additional training on those product classes is required. When completed, your proper authority can be endorsed to reflect those qualifications.

7 Reasons Why you should become a SMSF Expert

There are 7 important reasons why you should consider becoming an authorised representative of The SMSF Expert Pty Ltd.



The SMSF Expert Pty Ltd is privately-owned so you won’t need to worry about explaining matters commonly associated with major institutions. Put simply, there are no commissions or kickbacks paid to, or by, any product provider. Our service is based on quality above-the-line advice that is specific to your clients’ needs.



The SMSF Expert was founded by Peter Johnson, one of Australia’s leading SMSF consultants. Peter is a chartered accountant with significant tenure as both practitioner and practice owner; a highly respected instructor for CPA Australia; a SMSF specialist and sought-after SMSF keynote speaker who delivers around 30 presentations each year for CPA, SPAA and the Tax Institute.


Affordable Fee Structure

Licence fees are realistic at an initial establishment fee of $500 - and then $330 per month for the first adviser, $220 for subsequent advisers.


Technical Support

Full technical backup delivered by Peter Johnson.


Administration & Compliance Support

We’ll write the plans for you. This means you won’t need to spend time and money compiling then typing up your plans. The most you will pay is $330 (inc GST) for a “no product advice” Statement of Advice (SOA). We have a thorough understanding of the SMSF service you will offer your clients and we have developed simple processes for delivering work for the most common scenarios such as:

  • SOA for advising a client to set up a SMSF and roll over their other superannuation accounts.
  • SOA for investing in a Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement (remember many licensees will NOT allow you to advise on LRBA’s unless you are a fully authorised proper authority holder).
  • Specific Advice SOA to advise a client to commence a pension from their superannuation.
  • Specific Advice SOAs for each of the banks to accompany a certificate to be given to the bank for funds borrowing.

Marketing Support

Let’s be frank – The SMSF Expert is a great trading name. There is no doubt that it conveys a specific specialisation. in a much-needed area of advice that requires solutions for financial complexity. Put simply YOU are a SMSF Expert. Our marketing support is genuine, and based around SMSFs, not products. Our marketing material which includes newsletters, delivers meaningful information rather than just having a sell-sell-sell focus.


Pay Later

DON’T PAY US A CENT until July 2016. We want you to be absolutely certain we are the right dealer group for you so we will waive our monthly fee until July 2016. That way you can come on board and test us out. No risk!


What about ongoing training Professional Development?

The SMSF Expert will provide a training course through Kaplan at a cost of $30 per month.

Alternatively you can attend our annual conference that provides PD training or you can complete training through your current sources. We will provide guidance and direct you with regard to the training you need to meet mandatory compliance requirements. There is no stipulated number of hours of training that need to be completed. If your advice is limited to SMSFs and superannuation, your involvement in training through your professional body may be sufficient.

How do I write my plans?

We understand that the last thing an accountant wants to do is to spend valuable hours writing financial plans – Statements of Advice (SOA). SOAs are challenging documents that are time consuming and require experienced staff to complete them quickly and accurately. Most accounting firms will not have experienced support staff in place nor will it be a valuable use of resources to invest in training staff, when the number of SOAs required by your firm is low. The SMSF Expert has experienced staff and software for efficient and accurate delivery of SOAs. Affordable fees apply for service as outlined here:

The process will be:

  1. You and your client agree on fees and your client formally engages you as their adviser.
  2. BEFORE giving any advice, you must present your client with your Financial Services Guide (‘FSG’) and have them formally acknowledge acceptance of it. This will be done at the same time as your engagement and we will have the pro formas prepared for you for each type of engagement.
  3. You meet with your client and complete the relevant client questionnaire. You will also develop a strategy and you will note this strategy on the client questionnaire. At this stage you will also inform The SMSF Expert of any intended ongoing services (do not include compliance services as they are outside of the licensing regime).
  4. You enter the client’s details into The SMSF Expert’s online system and submit the form along with a scanned copy of the client questionnaire, engagement letter and the client’s acknowledgement of acceptance for the FSG receipt.
  5. We then prepare an SOA for you and return it fully printed. If you have recommended an SMSF set up as well, we will provide the SMSF documentation at the same time. If you prefer to be sent a PDF we are able to accommodate this option as well. Your SOA will also be made available on our online portal.

As The SMSF Expert has access to your files, this process allows us to easily and continuously audit your files in accordance with compliance professional standards, with no inconvenience for you.

We'll be the SMSF Expert for you

We’ll be YOUR SMSF Expert

If you don’t do enough SMSFs to warrant spending the money on becoming authorised, we can help. We understand that for some accounting firms it simply isn’t worth becoming a part of the licence regime.
We can provide the on-demand support you need to deliver SMSF advice for your clients. Working in collaboration.
with you, Peter Johnson as the Responsible Manager of The SMSF Expert, can provide SMSF consultation and advice on your behalf. Then, should your client take up the recommended SMSF strategy, Peter will hand over to you for continued compliance advice including setting up their SMSF, ensuring you remain present throughout.

Fees will vary on the sort of advice you are after but as an indication, to prepare a full SOA with a recommendation to establish a SMSF and roll over other superannuation with a class of product investment strategy will be $1,650 including GST.

YOUR licence OUR SMSF Expert Support

If you have your own limited licence or you are already authorised through someone else, we can provide the SMSF documentation support you need.

While The SMSF Expert is available to provide assistance with preparing your SOAs, and we offer access to Peter Johnson for technical support, CST provides documentation services for establishing Companies, SMSFs and Trusts.

The cost of providing SOA’s will be as follows:

Full SOA $330
Specific Advice SOA for Pensions or contributions (you only need this once) with a turnaround of seven days $198
Drafting of your Financial Services Guide $198

We can even provide your SOA’s with all the SMSF documentation.

Get Started

Your next steps

Step #1

Call Peter Johnson on 0413 335 700 to discuss your options in terms of the best solution for your accounting business.

Step #2

If you decide to join The SMSF Expert Pty Ltd you will need to obtain your education qualification. Again, call us as we can guide you through that process.

If you have already decided to do the Kaplan training, you can download the form below:

Step #3

Once you have your education qualification you can complete our application for a proper authority. We will then issue you with your authority and you can start advising immediately.