Peter Johnson established the SMSF Expert Pty Ltd as a limited AFSL holder in September 2013. At the time he established the licensee he envisaged a small business that provided licensed advice to accountants who did not wish to be licensed themselves.

More recently however, it became clear that accountants were not interested in obtaining their own limited AFSL’s. This meant that most accountants who wish to continue to give advice would need to be authorised under Another AFSL holder. We also know that accountants are weary of large financial planning groups and many would not Want to be licensed through them. This lead to the decision to open up the SMSF Expert to other accountants.

Peter is also very aware of the issues you face because he faces them himself. For example, Peter has been advising Bill (not his real name) about his SMSF for years, Bill is 58 years old and Peter has always said to Bill that he will commence a pension when he turns 60. Peter know’s Bill’s situation inside out from years of conversations.

But now, when Bill turns 60, Peter will be required to provide product advice to Bill in accordance with the Corporations Act. This will require Peter to provide a Financial Services Guide to Bill and to prepare an SOA to tell him to start the pension. Peter knows he can’t justify a big fee to tell Bill to do what Peter has been telling him all along.

Because of this, we have procedures that allow you to provide simple specific advice to your client and not to have to charge them thousands.

As an Authorised Representative of the SMSF Expert you will receive quality ongoing training from Peter Johnson. We will take care of technical newsletters for your SMSF clients but they will still appear as if they come from you. We will prepare marketing material that you can use in your office.

But most importantly of all, we won’t pressure you into selling anything or referring your clients to a specific adviser for their product advice.

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